Our core mission, is to seek out notable private companies in both developed and emerging markets and bring them public in the US or Canadian market place. This is primarily achieved via reverse merger (RTO), Regulation A+ and self-directed S-1 registration, or through listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). Since the CSE is a Recognized Exchange, this can also lead to a dual/cross listing opportunities in the US and on other recognized exchanges. Berkshire International Finance, Inc. also assists in structuring and raising debt, equity and hybrid financing.  

Raising equity/debt capital for small and medium size enterprises (SME's) can be challenging on many fronts; that is the space where Berkshire International Finance specialists can help. Sophisticated corporate investors, in general and established investment institutions in particular, are insisting on hybrid structures (debt/equity) as a way to protect their investment capital when the funding is private. Exceptions to this dynamic exist when the company being funded receives investor “bridge” equity with “piggy back” investor registration rights prior to filing for full listing status. To choose public company status can be a tough decision for a private company to make. particularly if the traditional approach of an IPO (Initial Public Offering) is taken. We can advise on the cost/benefit aspect and assist in all areas of the private-to-public process, which may include viable alternatives to the more traditional IPO. Our approach to helping a private company become public can also be faster, cheaper and more cost effective in the near term for those SME's selecting publicly quoted status and which are already beyond "proof of concept", demonstrate reliable revenue, but still require development capital.




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